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Living It Yoga combines the best of both East and West's approaches to living well. Taking the philosophy of yoga and its many life enhancing practices combining with the joy and passion of a full life where we simply love living. 

The word Yoga means union: union of mind, body and spirit.

To the western mind practising yoga usually means a series of postures called asanas: to a yoga practitioner it means a way of life. While it has its roots in ancient Indian tradition, it is a system that can be followed by any society, by anyone interested in using self-help tools to improve their physical and mental well being. Living It Yoga is designed to help anyone who is looking for a way to learn how to practise yoga in order to create a fulfilled life. Eileen Auld developed the concept of Living It Yoga and you can read how she incorporates Living It Yoga into her everyday life on her regularly updated blog.

Eileen Auld's yoga practice helps her work with and through whatever life throws at her. Practising yoga is her life and sharing it in the form of Living It Yoga is a dream come true.

Eileen's extensive knowledge as well as her practical experience enables her to share her enthusiasm for wellness and delights in living full out. She is a well qualified yoga tutor who until retirement practised as a chartered physiotherapist. This background and focus on the Living It Yoga way gives her insight into her students' needs.

Eileen Auld 

Recent years have taken Eileen all over the world, however her love of Italy and her passion for yoga as a way of life has resulted in facilitating the combination of Yoga and Tuscany:

"Living It Yoga is the culmination of a dream of mine to share the joy that yoga can bring into our lives as well as the usual “advertised” peace and improved health levels. Learning to tap into our own joy is what Living It Yoga is all about.

"You can learn about it here in Scotland on a day’s introductory experience, or a weekend’s more expansive coverage or a week’s immersion in Italy. The Italian connection is an ongoing one and finding our very own home in Italy would be the ideal..."


Yoga Weeks

During Living It Yoga Weeks, you will enjoy idyllic surroundings, feasting the body and soul... in addition to daily meditation and hatha practice encouraging personal growth and well being, providing a fantastic escape from the "real world" and an excellent opportunity to relax, unwind and rediscover the inner "you."

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Yoga Workshops and Weekends

For those without the time or opportunity to travel we offer 1 day yoga workshops and weekends closer to home. Wonderful weekends of learning how to connect with oneself through the practice of yoga. Perfect for unwinding, our yoga weekend retreats are ideal for beginners to enjoy, and are simply wonderful for all students of yoga.


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